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Wall thickness measuring
Pumping of zinc
Other services

Further achievements

We offer all service achievements for the change of
galvanization kettles

With altogether 6 pumps for liquid zink of most different
mechanical handling capacity we also have the suitable pump
for your galvanization plant. Furthermore, we offer with our
5 warm retaining containers a capacity of up to 450t for the
temporary storage of liquid zinc. The heating of these apparatuses
takes place with electrical resistance heating elements. If the
electrical achievement available in your company should be
insufficient, we would be pleased to put one of our generator
sets at your disposal.

In the context of the change of a galvanization kettle repairs at
the zinc coating furnace are usually accomplished. Due to our
experiences within this range we would likely to take over these
tasks for you:

Repairs at foundation, isolation and steel structure

Changes and a regulations at the burner plant

Modernization of existing control engineering

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